P.A.L.S. Animal Shelter

We are Cadettes from Portland TX Girl Scout troop 9851, (Left to right, Elizabeth Longo ,12, Ashley Hooten ,12, and Meagan Norris ,13). We created this website for P.A.L.S. to help the animal get good loving homes. We also made a Girl Scout patch for other Girl Scouts to earn by helping P.A.L.S. We did this project for our Girl Scout silver award the highest award that you can earn as a Cadette Girl Scout. We choose this project because we all love and care about the animals. We would like to thank Nicholas Longo for his time in helping us with his connections and teaching us some of his expertise in the field of web design for this website, and Vinny Lingham (Yola owner) for donating the website creator (Yola) which we used to design the P.A.L.S. website, the domain name and hosting for 5 years.

Girl Scout Patch Requirements

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Portland TX Girl Scout Troop 9851 donated to P.A.L.S. Animal Shelter one ton of dog/cat food (literally), plus 65 stainless steel water buckets ,two pools for the ducks and dogs and made toys for the dogs and cats and more!  Three of the girls (Madison Villarreal, Victoria Longo, Lauren Donka)  also received a bronze award, which is the highest award for their Junior-rank.  Elizabeth Longo worked the same amount of hours on the project. She has already earned her bronze award last year and was helping because she believed in the project .We would like to  thank Kmart, Starbucks, and The Tractor Supply Co. for all of their participation and help with this project. We would also like to thank all of the generous and caring people that helped make this project work by donating and helping the animals.

Our names are Shelbie C. (13) and Emily A. (13) with Girl Scout troop 9630.We decided to work with PALS for our Silver Award which is the highest award a Cadette Girl Scout can earn. We chose this project because we care about homeless animals and we felt that the Pet and Animal Life Shelter (PALS) stood out most in our community. After visiting PALS and talking with the volunteers we decided to build a feral cat shelter and an iguana habitat. We visited several Daisy and Brownie troops to talk about PALS and the needs of homeless animals in our community. We then encouraged the girls to donate kitty litter and pet food. The girls also braided dog toys for the dogs at PALS.   We hope that others will be inspired to help the animal community and PALS through our project. 

 My name is Manuel Luis “Louie” Garcia.  I am 15 years old and a Life Scout going for my Eagle rank at Troop 289.  I am a sophomore at Carroll High School.  I started scouting in the 5th grade as a Webelo II and have enjoyed it ever since.  What I enjoy most about scouting is the comradery between the scouts.  They really came through for me every time I asked for volunteers.  Without them, there is no way I could’ve completed this project at P.A.L.S. 

The reason I chose to help out P.A.L.S. for my Eagle project is because animals and pets have always had a place close to my heart.

My name is Jackson Weaver. I’m a Life Scout in Troop 16 working on my eagle rank. When I started thinking about ideas for my eagle project I wanted to do something that would help animals in the city. So I went to P.A.L.S. Animal Shelter to see if they needed anything done. My project was the construction of 14 hen houses for the two pens they had for chicken and ducks. I finished the project in about a total of 5 months and I encouraged some other scouts my troop to do projects at the animal shelter also. I could not have done this without the support of P.A.L.S. Animal Shelter, my family, and troop. I would like to thank them for helping me on this project.